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Transformers DVD's for sale

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Entertainment Earth
Here you will find all the Transformers cartoons released on DVD so far. Just click on a link to buy. Transformers videos from my collection are at the bottom of the page
Original Series - Vol. 1

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Original Series - Volume 1 DVD

Fire On The Mountain
The Deceptions plan to use an ancient crystal as an energy source for their new weapon. But the Autobots detect the energy source and the Deception activity and the entire Autobot force comes to restore the crystal to its rightful place.

War Of The Dinobots
When the Dinobots created by the Autobots get out of control and ally themselves with the Deceptions there's danger in store. The Autobots must design two more Dinobots to bring the others back under their control. But can they succeed against the Dinobot's strength?

The Ultimate Doom Part One
The Deceptions join forces with an evil doctor in order to use his hypno-chip to create an army of mindless human slaves. They plot to build a Space Bridge which would transport Cybertron into Earth's orbit, releasing Energon. But as the Autobots attack, Cybertron passes through the Space Bridge and Earth's weather turns stormy.

The Ultimate Doom Part Two
As the Autobots battle the elements and the Deceptions, the slaves are lost forcing the Deceptions to return to their base to capture more. Optimus Prime sends the Autobots to rescue Sparkplug who has been captured but his hypno-chip is activated, alerting the Deceptions to the Autobot presence.

The Ultimate Doom Part Three
The Autobots begin to build a device that will deactivate the hypno-chips and follow Megatron to his island outpost as the slaves load the Energon cubes on his starcruiser. As the slaves are released the Autobots attack. Megatron tries to escape but his starcruiser is shot down and explodes, forcing Cybertron back into orbit. But is this the end of Megatron or will he get revenge?


Original Series Vol 2

Order here from Amazon UK / US

Original Series Volume 2 DVD

More Than Meets The Eye Part One
With energy running low, the peace loving Autobots set out in their ship to find new reserves. But when the Deceptions attack, the ship crashes into Earth. Millions of years later the Deceptions are re-activated and plan to raid the Earth's abundant resources. Only the de-activated Autobots can stop them...

More Than Meets The Eye Part Two
As the Deceptions continue to plunder Earth's resources in order to return to Cybertron and claim victory, the Autobots attempt to intervene. They plan to set off an explosive device which will trap the Deceptions in a cave but it all goes wrong as Optimus Prime takes the full force of the blast...

More Than Meets The Eye Part Three
The Autobots come up with a plan to stop the Deceptions once and for all but Megatron predicts their actions and tricks them. The Deceptions gather enough energy to return to Cybertron and have built a new ship. Can the Autobots stop them?

Transport To Oblivion
The Deceptions have built a space bridge to Cybertron and plan to use Bumblebee and Spike to test it. Bumblebee is reprogrammed to lead the Autobots into a trap while the space bridge is activated. Can the Autobots save Spike in time?

Roll For It
Bumblebee, Spike and their friend, wheelchair-bound computer whizz Chip Chase visit a project to develop an anti-matter formula. A backup is given to Chip which Megatron is determined to steal. He kidnaps Chip and the attacking Autobots discover anti-matter Megatron is too powerful to defeat.

Divide And Conquer
The Deception jets seriously damage Optimus Prime and a group of Autobots must travel to Cybertron to get a part to repair and save him. While they are thus weakened the evil Deceptions plan their attack!


Original Series - Vol. 3

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Original Series - Volume 3 DVD

Fire In The Sky
The Earth starts to freeze as the Deceptions drain energy at the North Pole. They discover a Transformer, Skyfire, frozen in the ice and revive him. Skyfire allies himself with the Deceptions due to an old friendship with Starscream. But will the scientist in Skyfire agree with the evil ways of the Decptions?

SOS Dinobots
When the Autobots discover dinosaur bones they decide to build three Dinobots - Grimlock, Slag and Sludge - to help them in the war against the Deceptions. The Dinobots are mentally unstable though and Optimus Prime orders them to be shut down. But only the Dinobots can save them when the Autobots are captured...

Countdown To Extinction
The Transformers begin to recover from the aftermath of Cybertron entering Earth's orbit. Starscream has other ideas and plots to collect energy exploding Earth. Only by working together will Megatron and Optimus Prime be able to stop him...

A Plague Of Insecticons
A new breed of Transformers, the Insecticons, have formed an alliance with the Deceptions and together they steal oil from a refinery. The Autobots attempt to intervene but are damaged by lightning bolts fired from the Insecticons. The Autobots must think fast in order to defeat this new threat.

Heavy Metal
War Megatron has created a machine capable of transferring all the Deceptions' powers to him. He then challenges Optimus Prime to a fight in which the loser must leave Earth. Prime inevitably loses but will he discover that Megatron has cheated in time?

Season 2 - Vol. 1

Order here from Amazon UK / US


Season 2 - Volume 1 DVD

Episodes: Autobot Spike, Changing Gears, City of Steel, Attack of the Autobots, Traitor, The Immobilizer, The Autobot Run, Atlantis Arise, Day of the Machines, Enter the Nightbird, A Prime Problem, The Core, The Insecticon Syndrome, Dinobot Island (Part 1), Dinobot Island (Part 2), The Master Builders, Auto Berserk, Microbots, Megatron's Master Plan (Part 1), Megatron's Master Plan (Part 2), Desertion of the Dinobots (Part 1), Desertion of the Dinobots (Part 2), Blaster Blues, A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court. 

Special Features: 
Interactive quiz - Titan comic strip - Character profiles - Fan art gallery - Scripts - Taste of Botcon - New artwork by Marvel Comics' Lee Sullivan - Scripts - Mistake reel - Auto Assembly 2003 footage -
Toy image gallery - Easter egg

Season 2 - Vol. 2

Order here from Amazon UK / US


Season 2 - Volume 2 DVD

Episode titles: The Golden Lagoon, The God Gambit, Make Tracks, Child's Play, Quest for Survival, The Secret of Omega Supreme, The Gambler, Kremzeek!, Sea Change, Triple Takeover, Prime Target, Auto-Bop, The Search for Alpha Trion, The Girl Who Loved Powerglide, Hoist Goes Hollywood, The Key to Vector Sigma (Part 1), The Key to Vector Sigma (Part 2), Aerial Assault, War Dawn, Trans-Europe Express, Cosmic Rust, Starscream's Brigade, The Revenge of Bruticus, Masquerade, B.O.T. 

Special Features: 
Quiz - Easter egg - Character profiles - Fan art gallery - Exclusive comic - Booklet -Postcard artwork by Andrew Wildman - 
Atari game trailer

Season 3 & 4

Order here from Amazon UK / US

Season 3 & 4 DVD

Following on from where 'Transformers: The Movie' left off. With Optimus Prime dead but Unicorn defeated, the Autobots limp back to their home planet Cybertron.

Special Feature Information:
° Featurette - 1. Auto Assembly 2004 Footage
° Interviews with Lee Sullivan
° Character Profiles
° Fan Art Gallery
° Hidden Easter Egg
° Quiz
° Episode Scripts
° Exclusive Collectable Postcards
° Comic Book: Second part of The Beast Within

Generation 2 (1986)

Order here from Amazon UK

Generation 2 (1986) DVD

More Than Meets The Eye Part
One With energy reserves low, the Autobots set out to find new supplies. But the Decepticons attack them and the ship crashes into Earth. Millions of years later a volcano eruption triggers the Decepticons to reactivate and they prepare to raid the world's resources. Will the Autobots be reactivated in time to stop them?

More Than Meets The Eye Part Two
The Decepticons continue to plunder Earth's resources, planning to return to Cybertron with enough energy to lead them to victory. In an attempt to stop the Decepticons, the Autobots set off an explosive device in a cave. But it goes very wrong when Optimus Prime is injured.

More Than Meets The Eye Part Three
As the Decepticons blast their way out of the cave the Autobots come up with a plan to trick them into attacking a false location of a rocket base. But Megatron has foreseen this and has built a new ship to get back to Cybertron. Will the Autobots be able to stop them?

SOS Dinobots
The Autobots discover dinosaur bones in their cave and it leads them to create three Dinobots, Grimlock, Sludge and Slag. They are however mentally unstable and Optimus Prime orders them to be deactivated. But when the Autobots are captured by the Decepticons, Wheeljack reactivates the Dinobots hoping they will save them.

Heavy Metal War
Megatron creates a machine capable of transferring all the Decepticons' special powers to him. He then challenges Optimus Prime to a fight which Prime inevitably loses. The Autobots must therefore abandon Earth in order to keep their side of the bargain. Will they discover that Megatron has cheated in time?

The Rebirth, Parts 1-3

Order here from Amazon UK / US


The Rebirth, Parts 1-3 DVD

The Decepticons steal the key to the plasma chamber but when they try to open the chamber, the energy released blasts them and several Autobots to the distant planet of Nebulos, where another civil war rages. The Autobots decide they need an extra edge to defeat the Decepticons and they link with Daniel and four good Nebulons to become Headmasters. Unfortunately the Decepticons use the same idea and also combine their weapons with evil Nebulons to create Targetmasters. The Autobots and Decepticons clash in their most earth shattering battle to date, with their fates and the future of Earth and Cybertron hanging in the balance!

Five Faces of Darkness, Parts 1-5

Order here from Amazon UK


Five Faces of Darkness, Parts 1-5 DVD

The great war has ended. Unicron has been defeated, the Decepticons have fled and the Autobots are victorious under the command of a new leader. In the midst of the celebrations, the Autobots are suddenly attacked, leaving the Decepticons the obvious suspects. But the Decepticons are in bad shape, low in energy, without a leader and fighting amongst themselves. Who are the mysterious attackers? Find out in these five epic episodes as the Transformers face a new enemy and the truth of their creation!

Transformers Armada - Metamorphosis

Order here from Amazon UK / US


Transformers Armada - Metamorphosis DVD

When a new breed of small transformers, the Mini Cons, are discovered to provide an immeasurable source of power, the Decepticons and Autobots go head to head with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance...

Transformers Armada - Vol. 2 - The Decepticons Strike Back

Order here from Amazon UK


Transformers Armada - Vol. 2 - The Decepticons Strike Back DVD

More adventures with the Transformers as the Autobots continue their ceaseless battle against the evil Decepticons.

Special Features: Game - Character fact files - Bonus episode: 'Carnival'


Transformers the Movie

Order here from Amazon UK / US

Transformers the Movie DVD

There´s an evil new force in the universe. A monster planet that devours everything in its path.....and it´s heading for the small planet of Cybertron, where a unique race of transforming robots continue to fight a civil war... a war between good and evil that has raged for millions of years.

The evil Decepticon Transformers, led by the maniacal Megatron have sworn to crush their enemies the Autobots. To this end, they have relentlessly pursued them across the galaxy from planet Cybertron to planet Earth and back again. But the heroic Autobot Transformers and their courageous leader Optimus Prime, are not easily defeated...

Special Features:  Special Introductory Footage - Soldiers From The Sky (First Episode from Takara series) - Original Theatrical Trailer 
Music Picture Gallery


All videos below are from my private collection and in excellent working order and are in VHS UK PAL Format. Prices are in UK Pounds Sterling.

Other Superhero DVD's available here


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