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Jeebs Toys - Revenge of the Sith Merchandise News

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Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith Toys & collecting info
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Revenge of the Sith News Archive

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 30th April 05

  SW Episode III Mustafar Final Duel Playset

Mustafar Final Duel Playset
With 2 exclusive figures and plenty of play features, this playset allows you to re-enact a pivotal scene from Revenge of the Sith! Order (worldwide) here or click here for more info.

  Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Photograph Montage.

Argos ROTS Exclusive
Argos has an exclusive Framed Revenge of the Sith Photo Montage featuring 4 High quality ROTS photos. Click here for more details . They also have Star Wars Revenge of the Sith - Double Filmcell. and a new game - Star Wars Feel The Force Game.

Free Merlin ROTS Sticker Album
Today's UK Sun Newspaper has details of getting hold of a free Revenge of the Sith Sticker Album

Now Official - Episode 3 is 12A
According to the BBFC website Revenge of the Sith has finally been classified as a 12A and its running time is just under 140 minutes.

25th April 05

  Exclusive Celebration III Darth Vader Action Figure w/ Exclusive Collector Case Update : Sold out!

Celebration III talking Darth Vader
The Exclusive Celebration III talking Darth Vader (featuring the voice of James Earl Jones) with collector case is available to purchase right now at . Priced at $19.99 they look like they will sell out extremely quickly, so be quick if you are after one.

22nd April 05

ROTS Soundtrack preview reminder

As previously reported, The Revenge of the Sith soundtrack will be previewed tomorrow on the Official Classic FM Chart Show, between 9am and noon. UK listeners can tune in to FM 100 to 102 and on Sky channel 856 International listeners can stream the show via the web at the Classic FM website .You can pre-order the CD at Amazon US here or the exclusive CD/DVD & Slipcase at Amazon UK here.

16th April 05 Prize Giveaway!

Jeebs Toys new Star Wars competition is now up and running! Click below to enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 carded Revenge of the Sith figures including the TRU exclusive Holo Yoda! Be sure to return daily to enter for more chances to win!

WIN 1 of 5 ROTS Star Wars Figures including Exclusive TRU Holographic Yoda

15th April 05

Episode III Unleashed!!

For fans of the Unleashed range of Star Wars figures, Revenge of the Sith introduces some great new models of characters from the new film. Amongst the first to be released are General Grievous (above), Anakin and Obi-Wan, available individually from Amazon (US only) here or as a set from (worldwide)

July sees the release assortment 2 featuring Darth Vader, Asajj Ventress (from Clone Wars) and Emperor Palpatine vs Yoda. You can find more details and pre-order this set from

14th April 05

Star Wars Saga DVD Trivial Pursuit - ROTS questions!
The classic board game Trivial Pursuit is being brought right up to date with the latest Star Wars Saga Edition, which features questions and 2 DVD's full of interactive video clips from all 6 films including ROTS! Currently available in the UK from Amazon UK here and the US from Toys'R'Us here (you'll also get a free lightsaber if you order before the 16th!)

In the US an exclusive version is also available here featuring a Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Revenge of the Sith DVD Collector Tin.

If you fancy the idea of playing trivial pursuit on the move, there is also a portable bite-size version featuring 600 questions available in the UK here.
 Top Trumps Star Wars Card Game

For those who love other classic games, there are Star Wars versions of Monopoly (UK / US Saga version) which features ROTS and you can play as General Grievous. Also the popular Top Trumps card game - UK version which features Episodes 4-6 and the US version which features all films except ROTS). Another Top Trumps edition is also set to be released soon featuring episode 3 characters. Check out the Official Top Trumps website here.

11th April 05 - Bumper Revenge of the Sith News Update!

ROTS Figures & Vehicles - Best bargains
Currently are the cheapest US online retailer of ROTS star wars figures at $5.29 each for the basic range. They also have a good selection of vehicles to choose from.

UK visitors can purchase the figures & vehicles online or click and reserve them to pick up in store for 5.99 each from

ROTS Figure Exclusives (The Story so far...)
Currently Toys R Us Exclusive Yoda  is currently available in the UK and US. exclusive Holographic Leia(Comic-Con 2005 Figure) will be coming soon. ( also have the Exclusive Star Wars: Episode III iPod Cover). In the US, Target exclusive Darth Vader (Lava reflection) is now available to those lucky enough to spot one!

ROTS Lego invasion
The new range of Lego ROTS debuts in stores with plenty of new and exciting vehicles and playsets from the Episode 3. The Lego video game has also been released and features episode 3, where you can play up to 30 different characters from the films. For more details see the ROTS Lego page. You can find Star Wars Lego to buy online at:-  Amazon UK / US and

Replica ROTS Lightsabers & more!
Master Replicas
 are now showing off their ROTS lightsabers - versions include Force FX, scaled & full-size limited editions.  Also available are Clone & Shock trooper helmets. See our Replica page for more details.



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