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Jeebs Toys - Revenge of the Sith Merchandise News

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Revenge of the Sith News

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 2nd November 05

 Revenge of the Sith DVD Competition Results

Congratulations to the following winners, emails have been sent to you all. Please check back for our next DVD competition starting in the next few weeks.

Competition Winners:-

  - John Ives
  - Phillip Samuels
  - Lisa Day

Well done, you will each receive a Revenge of the Sith DVD, courtesy of

 29th October 05

Star Wars Battlefront 2 & revenge of the Sith DVD released!

Buy Star Wars Battlefront 2 game Star Wars Battlefront 2 now available to buy for PC, PS2, XBox, PSP on the Star Wars Video Games page
 Buy Star Wars Revenge of the Sith DVD Revenge of the Sith DVD available now!
You can now order the final chapter of the saga - Star Wars Episode 3 on DVD in the UK from or in the US from in either  Widescreen / Full Screen. This set will also have plenty of extras such as deleted scenes and the making of the film featurettes. You can view more details on the Revenge of the Sith DVD page.
 30th August 05

Exclusive Covert Ops Clone Trooper figure available for pre-order

Exclusive Covert Ops Clone Trooper Action Figure w/exclusive Collector Case

This figure, specially released to celebrate the release of the Revenge of the Sith DVD is now available to pre-order only at , and comes with a unique, specially designed backer card and features logo and artwork from the Episode III DVD release.

 Pre-order Exclusive Covert Ops Clone Trooper Action Figure w/exclusive Collector Case

 6th August 05

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Wars Astromech Droid sets

Available to pre-order now, these 2 sets of individually packaged Astromech Droid Action Figure 5-Packs are sure to be popular! Each droid has several points of articulation, with articulated "feet," moving domes, retractable third legs, and all sorts of light-up eyes, clear domes, and other features that bring these unique droids to life! Also for just $10 more you can get a special bundle that adds the Holiday Jawas exclusive as well!
Click here to pre-order from Entertainment Earth!

 27th July 05

Revenge of the Sith DVD release
The 2 disc DVD release of Revenge of the Sith has been announced for 31st October/1st November this year. More details of what's on the disc, special features and more to come soon.

 14th July 05

Wedge Antilles internet exclusive figure available to pre-order now

Internet Exclusive Wedge Antilles Carded Action Figure w/exclusive Collector Card and Case

For the first time ever, Rebel hero Wedge Antilles is available as a carded figure exclusively through online retailers worldwide. If you order from  you also get a free exclusive Topps series card printed just for shoppers at . The two-sided collector card, which features a colour portrait on one side and character specs on the other, this will be the premiere card in a planned series that will be exclusive to for future releases. Pre-order it here

 4th July 05
Exclusive 500th Darth Vader released!
Star Wars 500th Figure - Darth Vader Due for release shortly, the exclusive Star Wars 500th Action Figure Darth Vader Meditation Chamber features:- Meditation Chamber from Empire Strikes Back, Helmet Dome with lever that lowers helmet onto Vaders head, Lightsaber, Cloth Cape, removable right hand and removable helmet. Unlike other Hasbro exclusives, this figure is available in the UK via Amazon, and worldwide through Entertainment Earth, though have already sold out.You can click the links below for more info or to order this figure.

Buy from UK -  Amazon UK  , Worldwide -   Entertainment Earth

US -

Master Replicas US Sweepstake Competition
US visitors can win a complete set of Master Replicas 2005 Darth Vader products including Darth Vader replica helmet, Vader LE lightsaber & Force FX lightsabers, and scaled .45 replica lightsabers. Just enter on the Master Replicas: Star Wars Collection site

 21st June 05

ROTS figures
Don't forget to browse our Revenge of the Sith Figures section here - we are running out of figures fast, only 6.99 including UK mainland P&P!

Site Feedback We're interested in featuring more Star Wars subjects of interest and would like to know what you would like to see more of on this site. For example, more on vintage figures, Star Wars identification guides, more checklists, more photos of toy ranges, more content from the movies etc. Please let us know by emailing us here.

 3rd June 05

  Jawa Sandcrawler

Hasbro Jawa Sandcrawler vehicle back in stock!
At long last the Jawa Sandcrawler is available to buy again here This detailed vehicle comes complete with two jawa action figures and a droid action figure and is sure to be a big hit with fans.

 1st June 05

  Exclusive Holographic Princess Leia Comic-Con 2005 Figure w/ Collector Case

Pre-order Exclusive Holographic Princess Leia
Beginning today you can pre-order the exclusive Comic-Con 2005 Holo Leia for pickup from here . Be quick though as these exclusives have sold out fast so far!

 31st May 05

Revenge of the Sith Figures Winners
Our competition has now closed and the winners list can now be viewed here. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who entered. Look out for another competition soon!

 28th May 05

Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith posters
There are now a wide selection of ROTS posters & photos available. Click here to view the star wars posters for sale worldwide.

 Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
27 in. x 40 in.
Buy this Poster at

 22nd May 05

Star Wars Hyperspace Fan Club
We've had a lot of emails asking how to join the Official Star Wars Fan Club - you can find out here!

Star Wars Galactic Heroes
You can now view the range of Galactic Heroes including new Episode III figures available worldwide here.

 19th May 05

Revenge of the Sith Movie released!
Well the big day has finally arrived! We hope you all enjoy the film. Odeon cinemas are giving away one of four ROTS posters for every repeat viewing you make at their cinema.

 17th May 05

Revenge of the Sith Posters, photos & filmcells
You can now find a large selection of ROTS posters, photos & filmcells available worldwide, click here to view them.

 14th May 05

Star Wars Merchandise
Don't forget to check our Main Star Wars page as well as below to browse through all the exciting merchandise available, including books, toys, games and other Star Wars collectables! You'll find all sorts of products like:-

Playskool Darth tater
 Playskool Mr Potato
 Head Darth Tater 
Order / view from UK here
 Order / view from US here

 ROTS Top Trumps
Episode 1-3 Top Trumps  
Order / view from UK here
Order / view from US here

Star Wars Attacktix

 Star Wars Attacktix

 Order / view from UK here
 Order / view from US here

Exclusives like:

E3 500th Darth Vader -

TRU Anakin Jedi Starfighter - US only

 Exclusive SW Clone Troopers (White, Clean) (worldwide)

You can still view older news in the Star Wars News archive



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