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Jeebs Toys - Revenge of the Sith Action Figures

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Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith Toys & collecting info
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Revenge of the Sith figures available worldwide to buy here now! 

Check the pages below for new Revenge of the Sith Figures and exclusives, as well as whole boxes and set of Star Wars figures to buy. New ROTS figures added to page 2.

 Revenge of the Sith Figures - Page 1 2 3


Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Wars Astromech Droid sets

Click here to order!Featuring 2 sets of individually packaged Astromech Droid Action Figure 5-Packs!

Hunt for the Millennium Falcon - Bounty Hunter action figure 7-pack gift set

Buy from / Entertainment Earth

Recreating the famous scene from Empire Strikes Back, this Diamond Comics exclusive set by Hasbro features Lord Vader addressing the galaxy's greatest 3 3/4" mercenaries: Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Dengar, IG-88, Bossk, and Boba Fett. Vintage collectors will recall similar department store offerings for multi-figure assortments back in the 1980s, which are now hotly sought after for their rarity and unusual packaging. This fantastic villain set harks back to the spirit of those rare exclusives, and even incorporates some of the retro styling of the early window box packaging. This set of seven figures comes packaged with blaster rifle accessories for the bounty hunters and a lightsaber for Vader. This exclusive set is limited to just 10,000 units.

Revenge of the Sith Basic Figures Collection Waves 1, 2, 3 & 4


Buy ask aak star wars figure Buy captain antilles figure Buy meena tills figure Buy tarkin figure
Ask Aak figure Captain Antilles figure Meena Tills figure Tarkin figure
Buy from Buy from Buy from Buy from
 Padme Senator

Buy from Jeebs Toys 
6.99 inc UK P+P

Chancellor Palpatine 

  Buy from Jeebs Toys 
6.99 inc UK P+P

 Bail Organa Senator

Buy from Jeebs Toys 
6.99 inc UK P+P

 Agen Kolar Jedi Master

Out of stock

 Plo Koon Jedi Master Count Dooku  Mon Mothma Senator Battle Droid
  Buy from    
Out of stock   Out of stock  

 Buy from

Shaak Ti Jedi Master
Kit Fisto Jedi Master

Out of stock

Royal Guard

 Out of stock


Buy zett jukasa figure
 Yoda (firing cannon) - Episode III  Collection 1  Yoda and Can Cell - Episode III Deluxe Figure Grievous Exploding Body Zett Jukasa figure
Buy from Buy from Buy from Buy from  

General Grievous Grievous Bodyguard Anakin Skywalker Yoda
Buy from Buy from Buy from Buy from  US Amazon US US Amazon US

Obi-Wan Darth Vader Clone Trooper Super Battle Droid
Buy from Buy from Buy from Buy from
Buy from Buy from Buy from


 Revenge of the Sith Figures - Page 1 2 3


Click here to view Revenge of the Sith Vehicles available to buy now!

Great selection of Star Wars Merchandise available from:

Star Wars Saga at Entertainment Earth

Amazon UK Amazon US

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