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Jeebs Toys - Harry Potter Toys

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Diagon Alley Starter Deck

Diagon Alley Starter Deck

Harry Potter Trading Card Game Diagon Alley Starter Deck. One individually packaged 82 card Starter Decks. 656 Starter Deck Cards! The Diagon Alley Starter Set contains everything two wizards need to play: 2x 41-card decks, including 2 exclusive premium cards. Decks contain duplicate cards. 1x playmat. 1x rulebook, including hints for using new Location cards. Instructions for building an advanced 60-card deck. The first stop for a wizard-in-training like you is Diagon Alley! Pick up all the essentials you'll need. Then it's off to Hogwarts, where your true journey into the magical wonders of Harry's world begins. The Harry Potter trading card game puts potions in your hands, spells in your head and creatures in your command. Some you'll recognize from the Harry Potter books; some are new. But in the hands of an able wizard, all are powerful. So grab a friend, and enjoy your magical adventures!



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