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Top 10 Scifi DVD's

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DVD -  UK Top 10  -  Scifi Top 10     60% Sale DVD List - A-D   E-S   T-Z
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TOP 10 Sci-fi DVD's to buy

  1.Buy Star Wars Revenge of the Sith DVD Revenge of the Sith DVD available to pre-order now!
You can now pre-order the final chapter of the saga - Star Wars Episode 3 on DVD from here. This set will also have plenty of extras such as deleted scenes and the making of the film featurettes. You can view more details on the Revenge of the Sith DVD page.
2. Alien vs Predator: Extreme Edition (Two Discs) [2004]

A group of archaeologists find themselves fighting for survival when they discover a number of aliens buried in the ice. Their survival rate is hampered further by the arrival of more aliens on a training mission.
Buy from Amazon UK here 13.99

3. Red Dwarf: Series 6 Red Dwarf Series 6
Red Dwarf has been stolen and our intrepid heroes are hot on its trail. Starbug, unable to match its speed, has to take a short-cut to overtake it. Unfortunately this involves going through a very dangerous area which is patrolled by rogue droids that absolutely despise humans. Rimmer creates a a world populated by his clones, Lister gets married, Kryten becomes Sheriff in the Wild West and they meet their future selves who want to kill them.
Buy from Amazon UK here
Extras include:
Son Of Cliche radio sketch 10/11/84, Deleted Scenes Smeg Ups, Raw Fx footage/model shots, Behind the scenes,
Howard Goodall feature, Starbuggers documentary, SVC Easter egg, Sick featurette, Return to Laredo with Rob llewellyn, GOTA Animated Easter egg,
Trailers, Andy De Emmony interview
 4. Firefly - The Complete Series [2003]  
Much praised and much missed after its premature cancellation, Firefly is the first SF TV series to be conceived by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy and cocreator of Angel. Set five centuries in the future, it is a show where the mysterious personal pasts of the crew of the tramp spaceship Serenity continually surface. In fact, it's a Western in space where the losers in a Civil War are heading out to a barren frontier. Mal Reynolds is a man embittered by the war, yet whose love of his comrades perpetually dents his cynicism--even in the 14 episodes that exist we see him warm to the bubbly young mechanic Kaylee, the preacher Book, the idealistic doctor Simon, even to the often demented River, Simon's sister, the psychic result of malign experiments.

Buy from Amazon UK here 12.97 

 5. Star Wars Trilogy DVD Star Wars Original Trilogy Box Set

The Long-awaited Star Wars Trilogy was finally released in September 2004 and as well as showing off wonderfully restored and improved visuals and sound, also contains some changes to the 97 Special Edition. Also contains 4th bonus disc of goodies.
Buy it here from Amazon UK for 29.99

 6. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Two Disc Edition) 

Set in 1939 New York, a reporter notices that the world's most famous scientists are disappearing. Determined to solve their mysterious disappearances, she seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend, the captain of a mercenary legion of pilots. Just as they are investigating the case, the town is attacked by a league of giant robots. Do the scientists' disappearances have anything to do with the attack? And can the reporter and the Sky Captain save the world...  
Buy from Amazon UK here

 7. I Robot (Collector's Two Disc Edition) [2004] 

A future time, 2035, when robots have become man's best friend. Employed by everyone to do the manual tasks that everyone hates to do, a servile underclass... Detective Del Spooner (played by Will Smith) is investigating the death of a scientist. He hates robots and thinks that the suspicious death involved a robot.
Buy from Amazon UK here

 8. Star Trek: Voyager - Season 6 [1996] 
In their sixth season trying to return to the Alpha Quadrant, the crew of Voyager continues to find signs that they may be close to home. They ran across another Federation starship in the season 5 cliffhanger, "Equinox," which is concluded in action-packed fashion. Then they benefit from a brief communications link to home thanks to the ongoing efforts of The Next Generation's Lt. Reginald Barclay (Dwight Schultz), occasionally assisted by Counsellor Troi (Marina Sirtis). "One Small Step" sets Voyager on the trail of NASA's first manned mission to Mars (one of the bonus features details Robert Picardo's post-Trek work with NASA).

Buy from Amazon UK here 58.99

 9.The Incredibles The Incredibles
The Parr family, former super heroes, live the life of 'normal' civilians, hiding their special abilities. When the head of the household Bob receives an invitation to a secret meeting on a remote island, the family finds itself on the front line once again only this time, fighting to save the world.
Buy from Amazon U
K here 14.99
10.  Roswell: Complete Season 2 [2003] 
Buy from Amazon UK here
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DVD -  UK Top 10  -  Scifi Top 10     60% Sale DVD List - A-D   E-S   T-Z
DVD Release Dates 2006  -  March DVD releases   April DVD releases   May DVD releases   June DVD releases
Music - Top 40 UK Album Chart   Sony PSP   Console specs   Top 10 PSP games

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