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DVD Release Dates May 2006

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DVD scheduled release dates are listed below for both region 1 US and region 2 UK DVD's available to buy and pre-order by following the links provided.

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May 2006 DVD Releases

Doctor Who Series 2 Volume 1 2
Over There 2
Snuff Bottle Connection 2
Where The Truth Lies 2


A Streetcar Named Desire: 2-Disc Special Edition 1
Baby Doll 1
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Remastered Deluxe Edition 1
Delicatessen 1
Dinosaurs: The Complete First & Second Seasons 1
I Love Lucy: The Complete Sixth Season 1
Kate & Allie: Season One 1
King of the Hill Season 6 1
Last Holiday 1
Leave It To Beaver: The Complete Second Season 1
Modern Romance 1
Night of the Iguana 1
Plan B 1
Ritual 1
Sweet Bird of Youth 1
The Family Stone 1
The Nanny: The Complete Second Season 1
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone 1
The Tennessee Williams Film Collection 1
The Warrior 1


A Streetcar Named Desire (Two-Disc Special Edition) 2
Camberwick Green 2
God is Great, I’m Not 2
Imaginary Heroes 2
March of the Penguins 2
Match Point 2
Nip/Tuck: The Complete Third Season 2
Not Another Teen Movie (Extended Cut) 2
The Game (Special Edition) 2


Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Sixth Season 1
Forever, Darling 1
Grandma’s Boy (Unrated) 1
Life Goes On: The Complete First Season 1
Northern Exposure: The Complete First and Second Seasons 1
Rescue Me: The Complete Second Season 1
Ronin (Collector's Edition) 1
Rumor Has It 1
Scrubs Season 3 1
Sgt. Bilko (The Phil Silvers Show 50th Anniversary Edition) 1
That ‘70s Show Season 4 1
The Facts of Life: Complete First and Second Seasons 1
The Long, Long Trailer 1
The Lucy and Desi Collection 1
The New World 1
The Poseidon Adventure (Special Edition) 1
The Towering Inferno (Special Edition) 1
The West Wing: The Complete Sixth Season 1


Christ Stopped At Eboli2
Demon Hunter 2
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG - Volume 3 2
Lady Vengeance 0
Lizard Woman2
Masters Of Horror - Volume 2 2
Monsieur Hire 2
Roseanne: The Complete Third Series 2
Scorched 2
She Shoots Straight 2
She, The Ultimate Weapon - Volume 1 2
The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer 2
The Dead Next Door 2
The Fallen Ones 2
The Harem 2
Toto the Hero 2
Undertow 2


Big Valley Season 11
Body & Soul 1
Brilliant But Cancelled: Crime Dramas 1
Brilliant But Cancelled: EZ Streets 1
Con Air (Unrated Extended Cut) 1
Crimson Tide (Unrated Extended Edition) 1
Enemy of the State (Unrated Extended Cut) 1
Every Time We Say Goodbye 1
Here Come the Brides: The Complete First Season 1
Hill Street Blues Season 2 1
Letter From An Unknown Woman 1
Love Happy 1
Napoleon Dynamite, Like The Best Special Edition Ever! 1
Secret Beyond The Door 1
The Dark Mirror 1
The Producers (2005) 1
The Ringer 1
The White Countess 1
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story 1
When A Stranger Calls 1


Fausto 5.02
Futebol 2
Hellevator 2
Jess Franco Collection Volume 1 2
Last House on Dead End Street 2
Lower City 2
Pavee Lackeen 2
Supernatural Season One Volume One 2
The Night We Called It A Day 2
The Tennessee Williams Film Collection (HMV Exclusive) 2
Third Watch: The Complete First Season 2
Walk The Line 2


100 Rifles1
50 First Dates (Blu-ray Disc) 0
A Knight's Tale (Blu-ray Disc) 0
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Chipmunk Adventure 1
Back Door To Hell 1
Blue Iguana 1
Boston Legal Season 1 1
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 1
Compulsion 1
Culpepper Cattle Company 1
Deadwood: The Complete Second Season 1
Decision Before Dawn 1
Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan: The Complete First Season 1
Freeway 1
Guns At Batasi 1
Hitch (Blu-ray Disc) 0
House of Flying Daggers (Blu-ray Disc) 0
Immortal Sergeant1
Kingdom Of Heaven (Director's Cut) 1
London 1
M*A*S*H TV Season 10 1
Murder, Inc. 1
New Frontier (1935)/New Frontier (1939) (Double Feature) 1
Patton (Special Edition) 1
Red River Range/Three Texas Steers (Double Feature) 1
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Blu-ray Disc) 0
Samurai Jack Season 31
St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1
The 4400: Season 2 1
The Boondock Saints (Unrated Special Edition) 1
The Cecil B. DeMille Collection 1
The Closer: The Complete First Season 1
The Dirty Dozen (Double Feature) 1
The Dirty Dozen (Two-Disc Special Edition) 1
The Fifth Element (Blu-ray Disc) 0
The Last Wagon1
The Last Waltz (Blu-ray Disc) 0
The Longest Day (Special Edition) 1
The Proud Ones 1
The Seven-Ups 1
These Thousand Hills 1
Tora! Tora! Tora! (Special Edition) 1
Wake of the Red Witch/Night Riders (Double Feature) 1
War of the Wildcats 1
Wings: The Complete First and Second Season 1
XXX (Blu-ray Disc) 0
Yellow Sky1
You’re In The Navy Now 1


Freak Out2
Seven Swords 2
Strangeland 2


Dead Broke1
Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Sixth Season 1
Jezebel 1
Joey: The Complete First Season 1
John Wayne: An American Icon Collection 1
Marilyn Monroe 80th Anniversary Collection 1
Marked Woman 1
Miracle at Sage Creek 1
NCIS: The Complete First Season 1
Night Stalker: The Complete Series 1
Numbers: The Complete First Season 1
Old Acquaintance 1
Padre Pio – Miracle Man 1
Platoon (Collector’s Edition) 1
Riddick Trilogy 1
Smokey and the Bandit (Special Edition) 1
St. Francis 1
The Bette Davis Collection Volume Two 1
The Man Who Came To Dinner 1
The Valerio Zurlini Box Set: The Early Masterpieces 1
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Two-Disc Special Edition 1

DVD Release Dates 2006 Links -  March   April   May   June



Other Superhero DVD's available here

DVD -  UK Top 10  -  Scifi Top 10     60% Sale DVD List - A-D   E-S   T-Z
Music - Top 40 UK Album Chart   Sony PSP   Console specs   Top 10 PSP games

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