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DVD Release Dates June 2006

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DVD scheduled release dates are listed below for both region 1 US and region 2 UK DVD's available to buy and pre-order by following the links provided.

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June 2006 DVD Releases

Memoirs of a Geisha2
Sympathy for the Devil 2
T. REX On TV - A T. REX Compendium 2


3 Godfathers1
A Perfect Fit 1
Air America: The Complete Series 1
Beavis & Butthead: The Mike Judge Collection Volume 2 1
Black Hawk Down (Extended Cut) 1
Boomerang (1947) 1
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (Collector's Edition) 1
Charmed: The Complete Fifth Season 1
Cheyenne Autumn 1
Cheyenne: The Complete First Season 1
Dumbo (Big Top Edition) 1
Entourage: The Complete Second Season 1
ER: The Complete Fifth Season 1
F-Troop: The Complete First Season 1
Firewall 1
Fort Apache 1
Fried Green Tomatoes (Anniversary Edition) 1
From John Wayne's Batjac Productions: The Suspense Collection 1
Glory Road 1
Highlander 2 (Special Edition) 1
Home Improvement Season 4 1
House of Strangers 1
I Wake Up Screaming 1
Man in the Vault 1
Mommie Dearest: Hollywood Royalty Edition 1
Plunder of the Sun (Special Collector’s Edition) 1
Ring of Fear 1
Running Scared 1
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon 1
Stagecoach: Two Disc Special Edition 1
The Chris Rock Show: The Complete First & Second Seasons 1
The Fast and the Furious Franchise Collection 1
The Informer 1
The John Ford Collection 1
The John Wayne-John Ford Collection 1
The Long Voyage Home 1
The Lost Patrol 1
The Searchers: Ultimate Collector’s Edition 1
The Time Tunnel Volume 2 1
The Wild Wild West: The Complete First Season (40th Anniversary Edition) 1
They Were Expendable 1
Track of the Cat (Special Collector’s Edition) 1
Underworld Evolution 1
Underworld Evolution (Blu-ray Disc) 1
Wings of Eagles 1


Cheers Season 81
Coach: The First Season 1
Frasier Season 8 1
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 1
Medium: The Complete First Season 1
Neil Young: Heart of Gold 1
The Rockford Files: Season Two 1
Walker, Texas Ranger: The Complete First Season 1


Chigley 2
Derailed 2
Persona 2


A Fine Madness1
Adventures of Superman: The Complete Third & Fourth Seasons 1
Boom Town (1940) 1
Charlie Chan Collection Volume 1 1
China Seas (1935) 1
Clark Gable: The Signature Collection 1
Dancing Lady (1933) 1
I Love You, Alice B. Toklas 1
Jag: The Complete First Season 1
Justice League of America: Season 2 1
Lady & The Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure 1
Lois & Clark: The Complete Third Season 1
Mary Tyler Moore Season 4 1
Mogambo (1953) 1
NYPD Blue Season 4 1
Petulia 1
San Francisco (1936) 1
Superman: The Animated Series Vol. 3 1
Syriana 1
The Adventures of Superboy: The Complete First Season 1
The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight 1
The Loved One 1
Wife vs. Secretary (1936) 1


C.S.I. The Complete Season 5 2
Jess Franco Collection Volume 2 2
Shadows in the Sun 2


30 Days: Season 11
Annapolis 1
Columbo: The Complete Fifth Season 1
Monk: Season Four 1

DVD Release Dates 2006 Links -  March   April   May   June



Other Superhero DVD's available here

DVD -  UK Top 10  -  Scifi Top 10     60% Sale DVD List - A-D   E-S   T-Z
Music - Top 40 UK Album Chart   Sony PSP   Console specs   Top 10 PSP games

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Type a title in this box to search for any DVD's on Amazon. So far quite a few classic cartoon series have been released such as Transformers (view details here), MASK, Dungeons and Dragons, Ulyssees 31, He-Man (view details here) and Care Bears.

Videos of classic cartoon, sci-fi, fantasy and adventure series such as MASK, Action Force and Thundercats are available directly from my website, but are in limited quantity as they are hard to get hold of.

Prices correct as at 10/2/05

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