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Angel Novels

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Recommended Angel Novels

The Angel Chronicles (Vol. 1)
Angel became a vampire hundreds of years ago in Ireland, but was cursed by gypsies and forever roams the earth with a soul. Now he's met Buffy, and even though she's sworn to kill his kind, there may be a chance. Order in the UK at
The Angel Chronicles (Vol. 2)
The course of love never runs smoothly for Buffy and Angel. They're going through the usual early stages of a romantic relationship--dressing to impress, going on dates, and saving the world. Order in the UK at
The Angel Chronicles (Vol. 3)
For Buffy the Vampire Slayer, birthdays aren't all parties and cake -- hers. Order in the UK at
When Angel arrived in Los Angeles, he assumed he'd find enough evil to keep himself busy for, well...eternity. Up until now, he's had his hands full. Order in the UK at
Los Angeles is stunned when a priest is attacked by a woman who confesses to having murdered her own son. She is a bruja -- a witch, and the embodiment of La Llorona -- the "Weeping Woman" of Spanish lore. In any place she alights, a trail of death lingers. Order in the UK at
City of
For Angel, life as a vampire was a constant thrill. Power, danger, cool clothes (never getting old, also a plus). But in the end, it was all about the kill -- until he killed the wrong girl. Audio read by Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia). Order in the UK at
Close to the Ground
A magician named Mortractus tries to bring back Balor, the one-eyed giant, from another dimension. But he is aging with every spell he performs and is looking for a way to live forever, which was what brings him to LA. Order in the UK at
Fearless (October 2003)
TBD. Order in the UK at
Endangered Species
Hardcover. From prolific Buffy novelist Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte comes Endangered Species, an Angel novel that finds Cordelia disturbed by the vision of Faith in jail. When a one-time big game hunter shows up at Angel Investigations seeking help in finding his wife, a vampire who escaped his control whole he was working on a cure for her vampirism, the creature becomes the top suspect as the creature menacing Faith. The plot thickens, however, when the gang discovers the hunter's secondary plan to rid the world of vampires - even those with a soul. Order in the UK at
Cordelia's getting her first big break -- as a contestant on yet another twist on "reality programming." The catch? She has to spend five days and four nights in a so-called haunted house. Once Wolfram and Hart is added to the mix, Cordelia has to wonder which she would rather hold onto -- her ticket to certain stardom...or her life. Order in the UK at
Hollywood Noir
At a Hollywood construction site, a decayed corpse is the harbinger of a supernatural evil, while at Angel Investigations, Doyle's latest vision... Order in the UK at
Hunting Ground
There`s a killer tossing dead bodies out of L.A. sewers like hot potatoes, and all the evidence points Detective Kate Lockley towards one man: a certain vampire named Angel. But Angel knows there are a lot more monsters in L.A -- he just doesn`t know which one`s trying to set him up. Order in the UK at
Cordelia has a vision of a young child being attacked by a squid-like demon at the same time that Gunn is rescuing a young artist whose studio has been attacked by vampires. In the process of saving the child, Cordelia, Angel, Gunn, and Wesley are going to learn -- the hard way -- that looks aren't everything. Order in the UK at
An otherwise peaceful day at Angel Investigations is disturbed by the arrival of a desperate man -- and the demon at his heels. The gang quickly disposes of the monster, only to find that it decomposes the instant it dies, leaving them with little by way of identifying characteristics. The man is of no help, as he's fallen victim to a stolen identity scam; he's been wooed by a false Angel and is consequently distrustful of the real deal. And he's certainly not going to give up the ancient stone he's pocketed.  Order in the UK at
Longest Night
Now, in the first-ever Angel short story collection, follow our gang hour by hour, evil by evil. From twilight to daylight, Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, and Fred have to keep the forces of darkness at bay -- even when black magick has a head start. With Contributions From: Pierce Askegren, Scott and Denise Ciencin, Doranna Durgin, Nancy Holder, Christie Golden, Christopher Golden, Jeff Mariotte, Yvonne Navarro, and Emily Oz. Order in the UK at
Monster Island
Since he arrived in Los Angeles, Angel's mission has been to help the helpless. He has saved countless innocents in his city. However, one escaped his grasp: Doyle, the hard-drinking, easy-living half-demon who came to Angel on a vision quest. But as the group squares off against evil in the City of Angels, little do they know that back in Sunnydale trouble is brewing as usual. Before long Buffy and her avengers have assembled right alongside Angel and Co. Both slayer and vampire have skirted the boundaries of humanity, but neither can support a massacre. A crime against monsters is a crime nonetheless....  Order in the UK at
Not Forgotten
A crime wave has swept the Los Angeles area, which under normal circumstances would be par for the course. But nothing links these particular victims except the cause of death -- their bodies were burned from the inside out. Obviously supernatural forces are at work. Order in the UK at
When their investigation agency books a walk-in client, Angel, Cordelia, and Doyle couldn't be happier. Order in the UK at
Wesley opens a package and instantly falls into a coma like sleep. It turns out he's not the only one - magic shop owners and policemen are dropping too. A vampire spell to return the world to permanent darkness - their natural element - must be stopped by Angel and Cordy. By Jeff Mariotte. Order in the UK at
Seven Crows
In a sleepy little town on the border between Arizona and Mexico, Agent Riley Finn and his operative wife, Sam, have tracked down an international smuggling ring involving vampires. Surprisingly the call for reinforcements is answered by Buffy Summers and the atoning vampire Angel. Order in the UK at
Angel has long since learned that earthquakes are usually not benign incidents, so when Doyle has a vision involving a seismic shift, everyone's guard goes up. Cordelia and Doyle are not sure the clients can truly be trusted. But Angel finds that he has much in common with this particular brand of outsiders. After all, as he knows, there are degrees of evil and of innocence alike. Order in the UK at
Stranger to the Sun
Wesley opens a package and instantly falls into a coma like sleep. It turns out he's not the only one - magic shop owners and policemen are dropping too. A vampire spell to return the world to permanent darkness - their natural element - must be stopped by Angel and Cordy. By Jeff Mariotte. Order in the UK at
Soul Trade
Of any creature to walk the earth, Angel understands -- perhaps better than most -- the fragility of the soul. Order in the UK at
The Summoned
Doyle is in the supermarket when the latest vision hits. Fear. Fire. Death. And an ornately engraved ancient amulet. As usual, the Powers That Be are none too specific. Cordelia suddenly finds herself in possession of an amulet that looks awfully familiar. Order in the UK at
A motivational guru offering a tempting new world hides a much darker secret. Even lawyers Wolfram and Hart turning Angel and his crew to stop this creeping menace. Well, if you've already got everything, you don't want the others having it too - do you? By Scott Cierwin and Dan Jolley. Order in the UK at
Angel is in deep trouble as he tries to solve a case involving a demonic fertility clinic. Just why are mothers being murdered and husbands turned into zombie-like guards? Order in the UK at


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